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You can become a member of Capital Comets by following the membership application proceedures describe below. If you have any questions about becoming a member, please email us.

Postal Address

PO Box 157, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1R3



Become a member of Capital Comets

How to become a member of Capital Comets

To become a member of Capital Comets you should contact the Capital Comets Secretary using the email form on this page (NB, see above) expressing your interest in becoming a club member. The Capital Comets Secretary will respond to your membership enquiry with a standard email providing information about the club’s membership process, as well as documents regarding membership benefits, club expectations, and the club’s code of conduct. In this email the club secretary will also request your telephone number so that they or a club board member can contact you in person to answer any questions that you might have about the information that has been provided and to explain the remaining steps that need to be undertkane to become a club member

Agility Capital Comets Practice

Capital Comets offers weekly practices year round at the Saanich Fair Grounds at 1528 Stellys X Road in Central Saanich on Tuesday nights from 7 to 9 pm, except in August and over the December holiday season. All practices take place indoors in the Agriplex building on packed sand.

Tuesday night practice is a time for members of the club to train their dogs and spend time with like minded people. At each practice the equipment is set up in an unique way, giving members a chance to work on different skills. The practice format changes every other week: two courses, usually a Jumpers and a Standard course are set up one week, and the next week three short sequences of obstacles are set up to allow handlers to practice particular skills. Participants can choose to follow the numbered set up or focus on specific skills, such as gambling or perfecting their dogs performance on contact equipment (the teeter, A frame and dog walk).

The club welcomes new members to come to practice who can demonstrate that their dog has reached a level of training and skill to safely use all the different equipment independent of instructor help. All members at a practice have equal time (1 to 2 minutes) to try each course or short sequence. Practice nights are a great way for handlers to develop or refine their dogs skill, whether in preparation to trial, or just to have fun working with their dog.

To participate in club practice nights, a person has to be a club member with practice privileges. To obtain more information about participation in comets practice sessions please contact the club agility coordinator, or club secretary. 

Practice Guidelines (all dogs and handlers)

  • You are responsible for your dog and all of your dogs actions. Aggression by your dog toward other dogs or people will not be tolerated.
  • Please ensure your dog is under control at all times. Your dog should be on leash until in the ring and ready to run. Please do not let your dog run around the ring while you are setting bars.
  • Always be vigilant and aware of what is going on around you. The practice barn is noisy, and excitable dogs and those that are not dog friendly may be present near you and your dog.
  • Pick up after yourself and your dog.
  • Be aware of the time limit for your turn, and be courteous to others by not exceeding it.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the practice start time to help set up the equipment and, stay to the end of practice to help pack up equipment and return it to the storage locker.
  • Help set bars when it is not your turn so that the practice runs efficiently and everyone gets an equal turn.

Membership & Governance

Capital Comets Dog Sports Club is a non profit society registered with the provincial government and as such has a set of bylaws registered under The Society Act of British Columbia.

These bylaws define membership and the process of becoming a member and outline the need for and proceedings at an annual general meeting. In addition, the bylaws guide the annual election and duties of the executive committee.

In addition to the bylaws, the club also has established a code of conduct which outlines the behaviours (canine and human) which the club has decided are necessary to ensure members’ and their dogs safety and the enjoyment of club activities, and also reflect responsible dog ownership.

Members may participate in all club affairs and activities and in weekly practice sessions. If you are interested please complete a membership registration and fee payment application.

Members who own or operate a for-profit agility training business are not eligible to stand for election or be appointed as directors of Capital Comets.

executive committee

  • President – Joanne Burgess (
  • Vice President – Wendy Amos (
  • Treasurer – Margaret Parkinson (
  • Secretary – Heather Graves (
  • Past President – Ali Edgell (

appointed directors

  • Trial Committee Chair – Kiri Westnedge
  • Agility Coordinator – Gerry Sloan
  • Equipment Manager – Dorothy Jones
  • Website Coordinator – Brad Temple
  • Seminar Coordinator – Ray Bronson
  • Social Coordinator – Karen Kelley

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